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Our Services

Intelligent IT Services

IT Consulting Café provides professionals with the intelligence in technology and human expertise that is needed to find trusted answers. We have established a team of highly skilled and experienced IT individuals who have specialised skills in business and information technology to provide value and experience to your business. 

IT Consulting Café is focused on providing services and solutions, which include business analysis, implementation and ongoing maintenance in the following areas:



Enabling Strategy

Organisations often struggle with their strategic-management and planning processes. It is challenging to reconcile the pressure of short-term returns with long-term strategic goals, and it's difficult to build the capabilities needed to execute strategies.

Our global network of strategy professionals will strengthen your strategy-development processes, make better decisions, and then act on them. We can assist clients with solutions to specific issues or design a whole new approach to strategic management and planning.

  • IT Strategy

  • Collaboration Strategy

  • Network Strategy

  • Service Strategy

Collaboration Services


Organisations have long struggled to break down silos and boost cross-functional collaboration,

The challenge is getting more acute. The speed of market change requires a more rapid adaptation of products and services, while customers increasingly expect an organisation to present them with a single face.


Even well-established multinationals routinely fail to manage operations end to end.


The result:


Interactions with customers are sluggish; complex, customized products are hard to create on time and on budget; and blocked lines of communication make new sales and distribution channels difficult to navigate.

Solution Services

Building Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions consist of various IT components, combined together to serve specific usage scenarios

Infrastructure Solutions typically consist of various IT components and combine them to serve specific usage scenarios. Decades of experience and collaboration with leading hardware and software vendors have enabled us to offer platform-specific as well as platform-independent operating and management solutions and frameworks that provide best-in-class quality solution services

Management Services

Our Capability

Our Project Management Services help organisations apply project management and PMO best practices to improve business project delivery

  • PMO Services

  • Project Management Services

  • PM Training and Development

Network Services

Creating Networks 

IT Consulting Café provides your business with the essentials for a successful, reliable network from network assessment and conceptual design to the architecture, planning, and deployment.


We help your business integrate and deploy a complex network infrastructure that leverages multi vendor technologies to optimize your network and cabling infrastructure

Social Responsibility 

Social Awareness

Making a difference to our communities – by sharing skills and mentorship as well as providing services where required.

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